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Watch 10 Years Experience in Mobile Network Testing

To mark the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we have made a small video that takes a look back at Qosmotec being involved mobile network testing for the last decade. It is currently running at our exhibition booth at Mobile World Congress 2014 and we have also uploaded the the video to our youtube channel.

In case you can not make it to Barcelona, you can watch the video either on youtube or can click on the video below:

Ten years experience in mobile network testing – Ten reasons to test with Qosmotec

In 2014, Qosmotec looks back at ten years of experience in mobile network testing. Ten years means ten good reasons to test mobile networks with Qosmotec systems:

  • Precision: Our test automation systems enable the exact reproduction of test sequences in timing and radio conditions, improving the test quality compared to manual tests.
  • Completeness: Our systems allow testers to emulate subscribers, radio propagation environment, and even mobile networkinfrastructure, making it possible to focus either on devices, radio network or network services, according to your individual requirements.
  • Versatility: We offer automation solutions for functional, load, regression, and performance tests in all wireless technologies from GSM to LTE, for the test lab and the field network.
  • Efficiency: Qosmotec’s test automation systems speed up the testing process and can be used 24/7, thus reducing your time to market.
  • Flexibility: Our solutions are adaptable to individual testing needs. They are modular and can be customized to meet user-specific requirements.
  • End-User experience: Our test set-ups take the customer’s point of view and allow you to improve your services as they are perceived by your subscribers.
  • Realism: Emulate real-world channel conditions in the laboratory by using our channel emulator.
  • Cost-Reduction: Every test scenario can be replayed from a database of test cases. Automated execution of regression tests allows engineers to concentrate on bug-fixing and on analysis of new features.
  • Experience: Our management team has been working in wireless network testing since the 1990s, and knows the requirements of network operators and infrastructure vendors.
  • Value for money: We provide a cost-efficient, custom-tailored automation proposal suited to your individual demands

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