• RF shield box for any test automation solution
  • Shields all UEs individually
  • Available from a starting price as low as 760 € per unit

ShieldBox-QosmotecQosmotec RF Guard is a RF shield box that allows engineers to create an affordable automated end-to-end test environment with each UE shielded individually. It enables the user to perform wireless network tests without undesired RF interference by protecting mobile devices from outside network frequencies.

Control all UEs from the outside via USB

RFGuard_Screenshot_websizeTest engineers can control all kinds of UEs (handsets, modems, data-sticks) completely from the outside via USB. A simple software application allows to integrate RF Guard in any test automation solution: The shield box’ compact size reduces the rack space needed to run multiple tests: Eight boxes fit in one shelf and consume two rack heights.

Keep costs at a minimum

RF Guard also keeps costs at a minimum. The shield boxes are available from a starting price as low as 760 € per unit. A detailed price list under Downloads offers further information.

Thus, Qosmotec RF Guard provides a compact and reasonably priced emi shielding solution for any kind of mobile technology. RF Guard is used as the standard shielding solution for Qosmotec LTS Mobile Network Tester and the handover emulation system QPER.

Key Facts

  • Shielding > 60 dB
  • Frequency range: 400 – 3000 MHz; compatible with all terrestial mobile network technologies
  • Size: 16 (L) x 11 (B) x 6 (H) cm; designed to fit 8 units in one rack, whilst consuming less than 2 U of rack height
  • RF connectors: 2 x SMA (f) couplers
  • Data connection: 1 x USB 2.0 external 2 x USB 1.0 internal
  • Power Supply: 3-pin connector (f) (up to 2 Ampere)
  • External control: UE control via USB Interruption of individual USB ports and power supply via software application


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