products-TitelbildQosmotec develops test systems for all relevant wireless network technologies. Our testing solutions provide a cost and time saving testing process. They detect remaining deficiencies in mobile networks from an end-user point of view.

Our Mobile Network Tester LTS is a call generator for circuit switched and packet switched applications. It runs end-user applications on real UEs 24/7 and unattended. Furthermore, it integrates with other test equipment to complete the test process and to collect information about network quality and performance.

Our handover test system QPER provides a unique approach to modify RF conditions in the test lab. By simulating drive tests on the screen and applying signal strength and channel matrix to attenuator and phase shifter array, it is a powerful wideband handover and MIMO tester for the lab. In higher expansion stages, all radio propagation effects can be replicated in combination with a channel emulator, or a fully emulated mobile network can be setup in combination with a core network emulator.

A special adaptation for Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure communication is QPER-C2X. It operates on WLAN frequencies reserved for the IEEE 802.11p standard (5850 – 5925 MHz) and provides a setup for signal strength emulation in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks. QPER-C2X can be expanded by adding the test automation software CANoe. This combination makes a perfect laboratory test bench for testing Car-to-X communication.

All our products are setup modular and are not limited regarding their dimension. For later expansion, we offer test accessories which integrate smoothly into our test setup but can also be used standalone or in combination with other equipment. Qosmotec also offers product customizations and adaptations to specific requirements of individual testing environments as we understand the specific testing needs of network operators as well as network infrastructure vendors.