Wireless Communication Technology is finding its way into automotive industry – not only for entertainment purposes, but for security and safety reasons: With Car-to-X technology, drivers shall get information that other vehicles and road side facilities already have, for example, in case of a traffic jam ahead, a slippery road behind a curve or a necessary change of the traffic lane because of road constructions.

Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) do not foresee operating a radio network of base stations and processing backbones. Their communication principle is based on a specific WLAN standard (IEEE 802.11p) and self-organized and decentralized Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET), i.e. every vehicle and road side unit gets automatically into contact with partners within communication range and sends, receives, and retransmits messages. The communication range is – due to the high frequency band that ranges from 5.850 MHz to 5.925 MHz – quite small and restricted to a few hundred meters. But by retransmitting a message from one vehicle to another, a high reachability radius can be achieved.

Testing real-life car-to-x communication scenarios is a big challenge for the automotive industry. The execution of drive tests requires high organizational effort and besides that, drive tests are irreproducible due to the high dynamics between the communication partners. Qosmotec contributes emulation systems to equip test benches in the lab:

  • The Car-2-X adaptation of the QPER system emulates signal strength conditions between cars and allows to execute virtual drive tests reproducibly on a test bench. IEEE 802.11p capable radio modules are interconnected with each other via fully controllable radio links.
  • The software CANoe from Vector Informatik is a test tool to access to all possible interfaces in a vehicle. In combination with the Car-2-X adaptation of CANoe, QPER provides for a fully automated test system for simulating, supervising and analyzing the communication between connected cars on a test bench.

Since Qosmotec is working on Car-2-X test and simulations systems, there have been various publications in printed and online magazines:

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