New Product Launch: App-Platform Lobadi

Qosmotec has launched a new product: A platform for social event apps. With this app platform, individual apps can be created for an affordable price. It shall serve organizers of big events to digitalize their event preparations and to inform the visitors and participants completely around the event. The first application of the platform is the Carnival in Aachen. Carnival season is running since November 11th and is ending with the so-called “Ash Wednesday” on Feb 14th 2018. The highlight of the season are the street parades on Monday Feb 12th. With the App, spectators visiting the parade will get information about all participating groups on their smartphone – exactly at the moment, where the group is passing by. This is possible by bluetooth technology. Each group will carry a beacon with them, sending out a bluetooth signal permanently. The short range coverage of the bluetooth signal ensures, that spectators get to see the article about the group, when they come closer.

For our product Lobadi, we have also launched a new product page: Check out for further information. The website and the product are currently available in German language only.