ITS World Congress: a positive for Qosmotec

20151007_183559Qosmotec is currently presenting its radio propagation and signal strength emulation environment QPER-C2X at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux. Qosmotec’s Sales Manager Ferdinand Schuber gives a positive review of the congress’ first half: “It becomes obvious that many stakeholders do not only want to rely on ITS-G5 as the only communication standard, but also go for communication via 4G and even 5G in the future. Our solution holds the advantage of being versatile enough to cope with any radio transmission technology”.

Nevertheless, C2X communication is a big subject on the congress. Citroen / Peugeot have setup a real-life demo outside the exhibition hall to showcase their implementation inside the car. Also other car manufacturers like Toyota, Renault and Honda have put a clear focus on this technology in their presentations on the congress. The exhibition is still ongoing until Friday, Oct 9th. The Qosmotec booth is in Area F, booth number 13.