Instead of Christmas cards: Qosmotec funds dictionary for refugees

This year we want to use the amount that has been spent on Christmas cards, giveaways and little gifts to support a local initiative for integration of refugees. The library in Herzogenrath near Aachen plans to hand out free visual dictionaries to refugees for self-education in German language. These picture books show more than 6.000 terms in figures with the German notation and pronunciation and even explain basics of German grammar.
Gertrud Elsenbruch, who teaches children and families on voluntary basis, explains the idea behind this: “Especially for those, who have just arrived, the offers to learn German are very restricted. The voluntary lessons are more a psychological help than a target-oriented education. And a lot of them do not speak arabic, as there are many refugees from other countries.”
Together with other voluntary teachers, Gertrud Elsenbruch wants to distribute the books to refugee families in their hometown and participants of their classes.