Network Service Tester

Network Service Tester

Network Service Test Results perspektivischThe Mobile Network Tester LTS is well suited to verify the functionality, availability and performance of network services and value-added services.

Qosmotec provides an app that can be installed on any smartphone with Android or Apple iOS operating system and which enables LTS to access these services on nearly every mobile device and use it like a normal subscriber. This way, LTS supervises their performance from the end user perspective. In addition, a direct link to a VAS server or billing system may be established to monitor the service from both ends. The focus of these tests is to get a network response on every single user action and verify if it leads to the expected result, how long the subscriber has to wait and if the requested content is presented in the desired way on the mobile screen.

Network service tests with the newest models from various suppliers assist mobile network operators to identify the mobile devices with the best compatibility with the own network and that provide the highest customer satisfaction.

Here are some examples for network service testing with LTS:

Network Service Tester USSD Response

The balance check is a part of a prepaid test and executed with a USSD command


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is based on codes composed of *# and numerical digits that trigger mobile network actions like messages with the current account balance or a call-back. With LTS, arbitrary tests can be designed that transmit USSD codes and verify or react on responses on the handset side. Typical applications are tests of prepaid services, call-back services, or voicemail control.


LTS can send and receive short messages. It is used to test the SMS functionality itself between mobile devices in the test system, but also to communicate with digital voting platforms or VAS applications based on SMS. For those applications, tests can be freely designed by the tester in the same way as tests based on USSD services.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

LTS is capable of recognizing human voice announcements from a pre-recorded set with very high reliability. Combined with the generation of DTMF tones or playback of voice commands, LTS can thus navigate through IVR menus and verify the location in the menu tree. This feature can be used to test support systems, voicemail systems, automated ticket vending systems or other systems based on IVR.

Network service test video stream

Video streaming tested on a smartphone with the LTS Network Service Tester.

Web Browsing

The Mobile Network Tester loads web content from the internet. Download times, end-to-end throughput and packet flow measurements are taken. On smartphones, the browsed webpage can be viewed. Data transmission tests can be exectuted in both directions: Files from the webpage can be downloaded or uploaded onto the host of the page.

Video and Audio Streaming

The LTS Network Service Tester can be used to stream audio and video content (such as Youtube) and detect for example buffer underruns, link outages, and initial render time. Additionally, packet flow statistics are taken. On smartphones, the downloaded content can be played back live on the mobile display as it is streamed.

App-based services

Most of the network data transmission is done via Apps on smartphones and tablets. Some of the most wide-spread ones are integrated into the LTS automation platform:

LTS can connect to the WhatsApp platform and send & receive messages. As KPI, the delivery time of the messages is taken.

The usage of GoogleMaps is very significant for the network performance. A GoogleMaps test case in LTS measures the time for downloading the map for a specified location as well as the data throughput statistics during the download.

Other app-based services can be supported on request. This also applies for the control of customer-specific services via the mobile network. We can implement and enhance LTS with custom-fit solutions to verify the functionality, availability, reliability and performance of your service.