Qosmotec has developed a new, intuitive and real-life oriented approach for channel emulation and mobility test:
The Virtual Drive Test

Transmitters and receivers connected to the QPER Channel Emulator or to the QPER Handover Tester are visualized as mobiles and base stations / (e)Node Bs and can be used to create a virtual landscape. There, the mobiles can be moved along routes with varying speed. During their movement, they experience all kind of available propagation effects like

  • Path loss
  • Delay
  • Phase Shift
  • Doppler Shift and Spread
  • Multipath Fading
  • Noise


The advantage: It’s easy! You do not need any experience in signal propagation or channel emulation to run a virtual drive test.

Brandnew: Qosmotec has extended this visual approach for real cityscapes with multipath prediction based on 3D building data. Learn more about the Predicted Drive Test method, the most realistic visual solution in channel emulation!