Sales Partners



FS_trading & consulting

FS_trading & consulting (FSTC) is located in Austria near Vienna and is specialized on the sales of test & measurement systems for telecom test labs. Qosmotec is working with FSTC since 2008 in Germany, Austria and in Eastern Europe.

FSTC and Qosmotec offer individual customer workshops in the pre-sale phase to identify the exact testing requirements and propose individually tailored solutions. FSTC takes over the key account management as well as the first-level support services for our products. When demanded, FSTC  also offers general technological training in the telecommunication area (fundamental as well as specialized knowledge) beyond the user training for our test equipment.





Acentury Inc. has its headquarter in Markham near Toronto, Canada, and is a value added distribution and integration partner specializing in the North American telecommunications industry. They are providing products and services for wireline and wireless network testing, network management, optimization and extensions. Since 2012, Acentury has taken over the responsibility for Qosmotec products in Canadian and U.S.  market.

Acentury’s experienced engineering teams have a wide range of technical and consulting expertise especially for North American telecommunication technologies. Therefore, Acentury is the ideal partner to advise the right solutions and adaptations of our products for the American market.




Delo Instruments

The Delo Group is one of the biggest resellers on the Italian market and consists of four companies focusing on Measurement Instruments, Embedded Systems and System Integration with their own repair laboratory and service center. Delo was Qosmotec’s first distributor in 2004 and has been selling our products since then on the Italian market.

With their headquarter in Milan, a sales office in Rome and an excellent organization of customer account managers cooperating technical specialists, Delo instruments provides ideal conditions for bringing the right people on customer and vendor side together. Together with Delo Instruments we have realized big test system installations for big Italian network operators all over Italy.





Tucana is a European-wide reseller with a large portfolio of Test- and Measurement solutions for Telecom and IT networks. Qosmotec has been working with Tucana since 2004 in the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg) and France.

Thanks to the short distances to the customers in the Benelux for Qosmotec (Aachen is located directly at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands), we have developed a close relationship with Tucana sales and technical engineers to the benefit of our customers.





Airtrace Ltd. is based in Devon (UK) and specializes in supplying test and measurement instruments and automated test solutions to the Network Service providers and Network Equipment vendor market places. The key areas of focus for Airtrace are primarily wireless testing and Ethernet/SDH transmission testing. Qosmotec has been partnering with Airtrace since 2010.

Whilst Airtrace is located in Devon they serve customers throughout the United Kingdom both from a sales and support perspective. Airtrace is well  known in the market place and is a valuable partner to Qosmotec promoting products and managing day to day activity in the UK. Airtrace are very happy to arrange product presentations, demonstrations and trials as requested by customers. Airtrace have technical competence on the Qosmotec product range and hold all the latest literature, software and demo-ware ready to serve the UK market place.