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Test Automation

Our mobile network test automation systems control real UEs via software and execute call tests for speech quality, high speed data transfers and VoIP to check performance and quality of mobile networks from the subscriber’s point of view – locally in the test lab or remotely with test UEs anywhere in the network.

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Handover Emulation

Our handover emulation setups are applicable to all wireless network techno-logies with frequencies from 300 MHz to 6 GHz. With our unique virtual drive test software QPER, real life signal strength and MIMO scenarios are replicated on attenuator and phase shifter arrays more accurately than ever before.

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Test Accesories

All our test systems are set up modular. Additional accessories expand your test automation systems with more UEs and additional technologies. They can also be used standalone like our faraday cages with excellent RF shielding capabilities and control interfaces for the UE inside.

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